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Air Abrasion – The Alternative Dental Service

Intraoral CameraPerhaps the biggest reason why most people have phobias of dental clinics and dentists is the intimidating sound of drills as well as other equipment used during procedures. Many patients avoid going to the dentist’s simply because they would rather delay the treatment than have a drill placed in their mouth. These ‘drills’ are basically mechanical hand pieces fitted with different burs primarily used in restorative dental procedures. When the burs rotate at high speeds, they can remove decayed portions of the teeth easily so that they can be replaced with restorative materials. The sound and heat thus produced due to the high speed rotation of the burs can cause discomfort to patients despite administration of local/topical anesthesia.

However, the latest development in dental technology has eliminated the use of drills for minor-moderate restorative procedures. Air Abrasion is a system that is similar to a sandblaster; a hand piece ejects a high pressure stream containing fine particles of aluminum oxide and silica towards the decayed portion of the tooth. When the particles come in contact with the decay, they force it to abrade away. This decayed, broken down portion of the tooth is then removed from the oral cavity with the help of a dental suction. The system is 100% safe, highly effective and ideal for minor to moderate carious lesions that do not involve the pulp. Dental surgeons are required to wear safety gear such as goggles to prevent any particles from entering the eyes.

Air Abrasion restorations are now being performed at leading dental hospitals and clinics across the globe. This system has proved to be an excellent alternative to ‘drills’ especially for patients that experience anxiety associated with dentists or dental clinics. If you wish to learn more about the latest in dental technology and painless restorative procedures, book an appointment with the team of experts at Jeanne Taylor DDS today!