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Dr. Jeanne Taylor

About Austin Dentist Jeanne Taylor, D.D.S.

Austin Dentist Jeanne Taylor
Austin Dentist Jeanne Taylor, D.D.S., is a native Texan, born and raised in Dallas.

She moved to Austin to attend the University of Texas as an undergraduate, majoring in Psychology and Social Work, and graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree. Upon graduation, she moved to San Antonio. There she studied in the Graduate School of Business, and later she began her studies at the Dental School in San Antonio. She was awarded the Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree in 1991.

Upon her graduation from the School of Dentistry at the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio, Dr. Taylor moved back to Austin and began her dental practice, providing the highest quality of dental care to patients throughout the central-Texas area. She is a long-time member of the Capital Area Dental Society, the Texas Dental Association, and the American Dental Association.

Austin Dentist Committed to Patients

For over twenty years, Dr. Jeanne Taylor has been guided by a philosophy of practice that puts the patient first. Her daily goal is to give every patient the best possible dental care, and to give that care with the individual concern that each and every patient deserves.

Furthermore, she believes that the practice of that philosophy includes being considerate of every aspect of the individuality of the patient–including financial situation, health concerns, emotional issues, and the patient’s desire for the final result of the treatments. Also, Dr. Taylor believes that she owes it to the patient to be completely honest about his or her dental situation and the treatment alternatives available. The same goals have been adopted by each of Dr. Taylor’s staff.

Family Dentistry in Austin

Dr. Jeanne Taylor’s practice includes the treatment of both adults and children. Her knowledge and skills in both disciplines has allowed her to develop a wide family-based practice.

General Dentist – Cosmetic Dentist in Northwest Hills

Also, Dr. Taylor’s twenty years of experience has allowed her to develop extensive skills with procedures of all types, including both cosmetic dentistry and general dentistry. Patients benefit from Dr. Taylor’s experience by knowing they can feel confident about the care they are receiving.  Furthermore, they also benefit by having comfortable and efficient appointments.

Nitrous Oxide by Dentist with 20+ Years’ Experience

Additionally, Dr. Jeanne Taylor is well-experienced in treating patients with dental anxiety. Nitrous oxide (laughing gas), a form of conscious sedation commonly used in dentistry, is available to help patients relax. Whatever the patient’s anxiety level, Dr. Taylor and her staff strive to make the patient experience successful and comfortable.

Emergency Dental Care in Central Austin

The ability to handle dental emergencies is a critical part of Dr. Taylor’s practice. She is committed to seeing that her patients receive the immediate and specialized care they need.

Convenient Location | Dentist on Far West Boulevard

Furthermore, the dentist office of Austin-Central Dental, the practice of Dr. Jeanne Taylor, is on Far West Boulevard and Mopac, making it very convenient for patients in need of an Austin dentist in the Northwest Hills area and the greater 78731 zip code area, as well as Balcones Hills, Allandale, Rosedale, Tarrytown, Brykerwoods and the Arboretum areas.

The dentist office location on Mopac makes it only minutes away from patients in need of a dentist in the University area and the Austin downtown area.  The dentist office is located in a modern office building with plenty of free parking.

See map to Austin-Central Dental | Dentist on Far West Boulevard, Austin, Texas 78731