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Dental Implants | An Overview

Implant CrownsDental implants are the state-of-the-art treatment option for replacing one or more missing teeth.

Your dentist will first obtain a complete medical and dental history to ensure that you are, in fact, a good candidate for the procedure. Certain medical and dental conditions must be carefully considered before those patients receive dental implants.

Read this article to see if you are a good candidate for dental implants.

The Dental Implant Procedure

First, a post is surgically placed in the bone. The post is generally composed of a nickel titanium. The more teeth that must be implanted, the more posts that are required. For example, a single missing tooth would require a single post, but replacing an entire arch may require 6 posts.

The posts serve to anchor and support the dental implants. Part of the post is hidden in the bone while a small portion of the post extends beyond it. That is where the new tooth is inserted. The new tooth will be inserted. As with any surgery, there is a short period of recovery required after the posts are implanted and before the new teeth may be placed in the posts.

Healing of the gingiva and bone usually takes about take three months, but it may vary slightly from patient to patient. The bone around the post should be completely healed and adapt to the post, That process is called osseointegration.  Once proper osseointegration is achieved, the post is then stable enough to support the new tooth.

Dental Implants Offered by Austin-Central Dental

Austin-Central Dental is cosmetic dentistry practice offering comprehensive cosmetic dental services, including single and multiple tooth implants for patients with missing teeth.

Dr. Jeanne Taylor, D.D.S. provides a caring and gentle touch with extensive experience in performing dental implant procedures.

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