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Diet and Oral Health

Our diet and oral healthOur diet has a great influence on our oral and general health. Things we eat and drink can have an impact on our teeth and soft tissues over a period of time, which is why we must always be very careful about our diet.

According to leading researching, food and beverages that contain carbohydrates or sugars must only be taken in a specific quantity. If sugary food material is allowed to remain in the mouth for a prolonged duration, wedged between teeth in the absence of proper oral hygiene, it can attract decay-causing bacteria. Once bacteria start to accumulate in the area, they can initiate the process of caries thus causing damage to the mineralized and non-mineralized portions of the tooth. This is why all parents are advised to monitor the dietary intake of children in particular, to ensure that the amount of sugar and starch taken on daily basis is controlled as the kids cannot maintain ideal oral hygiene on their own and are therefore more susceptible to caries.

Artificially flavored fizzy/soft drinks are also bad for the teeth – apart from exposing the oral cavity to an unhealthy amount of sugars, they can also cause aesthetic problems such as generalized discoloration. Habits such as excessive smoking and alcohol intake pose a grave threat to the oral and general health, most importantly cancers of the head and neck region.

A healthy, balanced diet comprises of a all nutrients that the body requires for carrying out different functions. All these nutrients are required in calculated doses on daily levels, and the lack of one, or excess of another can lead to problems over a span of time. Daily water intake should be adequate as well, not only because it is vital for the body, but because it is the main constituent of saliva – and saliva acts as a natural cleanser and pH control system of the mouth.

Remember to brush and floss after every meal to make sure no food debris remain wedged between the teeth. Assist your children in cleaning their mouths at least twice a day, and before going to bed in particular to prevent caries. The team at Jeanne Taylor DDS is always available to guide you on how you and your family can combat tooth decay simply by watching your diet and maintaining good oral hygiene!