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Don’t Delay Treating Minor Toothaches; Get Them Checked by Your Dentist

There are many reasons you may have a minor toothache; a chipped or broken tooth, cavities, sensitivity to cold or heat, or an exposed nerve. You may also put off treatment out of fear or anxiety, but today’s dental practices give your doctor many choices for the treatment of toothaches and their underlying causes. Instead of putting off a visit to the dentist, make an appointment as soon as you start to feel any discomfort. When treated early most reasons for toothaches are easy to treat, but if you wait too long they become costly and extensive procedures.

Common Reasons for Toothaches

There are many reasons you may have a toothache. Some of the more obvious reasons include a cavity, a chipped or broken tooth, or an injury to the tooth or surrounding tissues. You may also experience pain if you have an infection of the tooth pulp or surrounding tissues. Sensitivity to heat or cold may be a sign of tooth decay or a thinning in the proactive enamel of your tooth. Toothaches may also be caused by food debris stuck between the teeth, or an underlying sinus infection or problem. Visiting your dentist will help determine the cause of your toothache, and she will recommend treatment to give you relief from your pain.

Treatment for Toothaches

If you have pain, visit your dentist as soon as possible. When caught early problems can be treated simply without extensive treatments which may be costly and painful. A chipped or cracked tooth can be repaired and restored with composite fillings or a natural looking crown. These repairs restore your smile because they match your tooth’s natural color, and are very easy to perform.

Thinning enamel is a common problem. Acidic foods and beverages gradually thin the protective enamel of your teeth and may cause sensitivity to heat and cold. Fluoride treatments and sealers help protect your teeth and prevent further enamel erosion.

A root canal saves your tooth by removing the infected or damaged pulp from the inside of your tooth. Your doctor then fills the tooth with a strong and natural looking filling material with restores and strengthens the tooth.

Regular dental checkups and cleanings help your doctor spot any potential problems which can lead to a toothache. During checkups and cleanings your doctor and technician can monitor your oral health and recommend any treatments necessary.

Don’t Delay

If you have a minor toothache, don’t delay in seeking treatment. Minor toothaches can be treated quickly and easily if they are caught before they become major problems. Today’s dental practices give your doctor many choices to treat the pain from a toothache, and the underlying cause. Caught early problems and defects can be treated conservatively and easily. It is much better to find out what is causing your toothache and get it treated then to suffer with the pain, and end up with an extensive and expensive treatment solution.

Call or contact our office today if you are suffering from a minor toothache. There is no reason to suffer, and we have treatment options that will relieve your pain and solve the reason for your toothache. We look forward to hearing from you soon!