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Implant Crown

implant crown and tooth implantConventional dental crowns are those that only replace the crown, or top visible portion of the tooth; Implant Crowns on the other hand, offer outstanding replacement of the missing tooth crown as well as the root thus restoring complete functionality, strength and aesthetics. Unlike the former however, implant crown procedures are surgically invasive in nature.

The Implant

A dental implant has three different parts; the topmost visible portion known as the Crown (typically fabricated using porcelain), the middle portion on to which the Crown is fixed, known as the Abutment, and the lower-most, third portion which replaces the root, which is known as the Implant. The implant is drilled and fixed into the jaw bone with the help of a variety of instruments. Additionally, it then undergoes a process known as Osseo-Integration. where the threads of the Implant integrate with the surrounding bone.

For an implant procedure to be successful, it is critical for the root portion to undergo adequate Osseo-Integration. Once surgically placed underneath the gum, the implant is allowed to integrate with the natural bone for at least 3 months in conventional practices. After careful evaluation using radio-graphs, the Abutment is then fixed onto the implant, and finally the Implant Crown is fixed.

Why An Implant?

Implant Crowns today are considered to be the best missing tooth replacement options in dentistry. This is because implant crowns offer:

  • Preservation of underlying jaw bone
  • Maintenance of facial muscle contour
  • Bone resorption prevention
  • Permanent restoration of dental function and aesthetics
  • Bio-compatibility

Because the procedure is surgical and invasive, careful assessment of the patients’ previous drug, medical and family history is conducted in order for them to be deemed eligible for the treatment. It is important to note that Implant Crowns are typically more expensive compared to dental bridges, crowns and dentures.

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