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Implant Crowns

Implant CrownsThe main difference between normal crowns and implant crowns lies in the fact that the former are fitted on to natural, compromised teeth while the latter are fitted on to dental implants. While a regular porcelain crown merely covers a damaged tooth, thus restoring its functionality and aesthetics – an implant crowns entirely replaces the crown portion of a missing tooth in the upper or lower arch of the oral cavity. Dental implants are perhaps the best, most durable forms of missing tooth replacement in dentistry today and when fitted with custom fabricated porcelain crowns, look and feel exactly like natural teeth in the mouth.

These days a material known as Zirconia is also being used for the fabrication of implant crowns – unlike conventional crowns, this material is 100% metal-free and therefore guarantees outstanding aesthetics. Leading dentists across the globe recommend zirconia crowns for the anterior, or smile zone. Implants and implant crowns together restore a patient’s ability to chew food properly, to smile confidently and to maintain excellent facial contour by preserving and strengthening the underlying jaw bone.

Implant crowns are fabricated in dental laboratories carefully after taking intra-oral impressions of the patient to ensure a perfect fit. These are then cemented on to the abutment portion of the implant with the help of permanent dental cements which hold them in place and prevent dislodgment during mastication. Shade selection is done based on the color of the adjacent teeth in the oral cavity in order to make the implant crown look completely natural in terms of hue and anatomical morphology. In a nutshell, patients can rest assured that no one (except perhaps dental professionals) will be able to tell the difference between the real and the artificial tooth!

The team of highly qualified dental implantologists are available to guide patients, and address any queries related to crowns, eligibility for implant placement, maintenance of crowns and ideal oral hygiene practices.