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The popularity of implants today is for good reason–an implant allows you to replace your lost tooth with something that feels just like your lost tooth! Patients often say, “I can’t even tell the difference between it and my other teeth.” Dr. Taylor has restored many implants and is eager to discuss this option with you.

The implant is a titanium structure about the same size and shape of the actual root of a tooth. Placement of the implant can be done with local anesthetic, similar to other dental procedures. Most implants have three parts that fit together: (1) the actual “implant” serves to replace the root structure (in the bone, below the gums), (2) the “abutment” serves as a support post, attaching to the implant just below gum level and extending into the space of the crown of the tooth, (3) a crown is made to fit over the abutment, hiding it, usually fitting against the gums like any other tooth, and usually undetectable from the other teeth.

There are many considerations involved with this restoration. The bone level must be evaluated. Some implants can be placed immediately on the day of removal of the tooth, some require healing of the bone before or after the implant. Temporary tooth replacement can be made in the interim. Implants can be used to support a bridge (several crowns joined) to replace a row of missing teeth.