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14202963_sEvery dentist habitually encourages patients to visit the clinic/dental hospital for routinely checkups, or at least come twice a year for a complete oral health assessment; there are a few very important reasons behind this request, which is always made with the patients’ best interests in heart.

A comprehensive bi-annual dental assessment allows the dentist to learn about the patient’s general oral health, detect any new lesion or unusual changes in the oral mucosa, note prognosis or state of any previous treatment, prescribe or change medication based on their findings, and create new treatment plans as per the requirements of the patient. In the absence of a proper oral hygiene regime, plaque is allowed to accumulate around the tooth crown and underneath the gums, hardening over time and turning into stone-like calculus. In this case, dentists recommend professional cleaning, or ultrasonic dental scaling twice a year, or once in six months, for the complete removal of calculus, food debris, accumulated bacteria and plaque from the mouth to prevent periodontal conditions and tooth decay. The tip of the dental Ultrasonic Scaler can even clean in areas that are difficult to reach using a toothbrush, and contrary to the common misconception, scaling does not damage the enamel of teeth especially if it’s performed once in 4-6 months.

There are a few dental conditions that cannot be diagnosed unless a radiograph is taken, which is why dentists may advise x-rays to proceed with treatment planning. It is safe to say that visiting the dental clinic once in six months can improve your oral health significantly and help you maintain a flawless smile for a long time.

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