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Laser Dentistry

LDIt is common knowledge that different types of lasers are being used nowadays in the field of medicine and surgery to cure various conditions. In contrast to conventional procedures, laser treatments have shown better results in terms of rapid healing, hemostasis, safety, precision and time management. Laser aided treatments are also less invasive and therefore require less recovery time allowing patients to resume daily activities much sooner than they would in case of conventional surgical procedures.

However, many people are still unaware of the fact that lasers are now being used in the field of dentistry as well. The introduction of laser dentistry opened up a whole new world of possibilities, and revolutionized the way procedures are being performed today. The primary goals of all dental surgeons before starting any treatment are: accuracy, preservation of natural tooth structure, elimination of decay/necrotic material/cancerous lesions, controlled bleeding, protection of vital blood vessels and nerves, patient safety, less chair-time and swift procedures, and rapid healing – all of which can easily be achieved with the help of lasers.

Today, lasers are being used for procedures such as teeth whitening, treating sensitivity, removing cancerous lesions or tumors from the mouth, removing cysts of the oral cavity, performing endodontic therapies, and in achieving efficient hemostasis. Laser treatments are entirely painless, 100% safe and are, in most cases, far more effective as compared to conventional dental procedures. Lasers eliminate any harmful bacteria or microorganisms present in the mouth, and promote swift healing of soft tissues after surgery. They have shown outstanding results in the removal of malignant cells, oral tumors and pre-cancerous lesions of the mouth.

Lasers have replaced a number of conventional procedures at leading dental facilities around the world. Do you wish to learn more about laser treatments and how they’re more beneficial as compared to conventional practices? Book an appointment with the team at Jeanne Taylor DDS today!