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Porcelain veneers or braces?

Ever since Porcelain Veneers have been introduced, countless people see the treatment as a quick and easy way of transforming their smile to a seemingly flawless one. While Veneers do offer patients a complete smile makeover, it is important to understand that they only conceal or mask mild to moderate imperfections of the teeth. They do not correct issues related to jaw relation, bite and general functionality of the teeth.
Porcelain veneers are therefore ideal for patients looking to hide defects like permanent staining, chipped edges, discrepancies of shape and size, gaps between teeth, discoloration resulting from previous fillings or Root Canal treatments, uneven margins, and pits etc. These fine, tooth-coloured shells cover these flaws and make the smile appear brighter, and more symmetrical.
People who are looking to correct issues related to improper bite, jaw rotation and relation, and mal-alignments should consult Orthodontists for braces. Braces and other orthodontic appliances offer a permanent solution to bite and alignment related issues. These defects are associated with the jaw bones and dental roots and therefore cannot simply be ‘masked’ using cosmetic methods. While the former can be complete within a single visit using the latest technology, braces on the other hand can take up to two years to bring the teeth into the correct position in the oral cavity, and further stabilize them in these new positions to prevent relapse.
During a dental evaluation or initial exam, a dentist will be able to tell you whether you require braces, or can simply opt for Veneers for a better looking smile. A panoramic radiograph is generally taken to examine the position of the dental roots in the arches and a treatment plan in then charted accordingly. In the longer run, it is recommended that patients with alignment and bite-related problems go ahead with an orthodontic treatment, which may take longer, but offers permanent results and a perfectly symmetrical smile without harming the structure of the teeth.