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Preventive Dentistry and Conservative Treatment Helps Prevent Serious Problems

Preventive dentistry can treat problems before they become painful and very expensive to treat. Conservative treatment is always preferable to extensive measures since they are less costly, and involved less invasive procedures. You may put off a trip to the dentist because of fear, but today’s dental practices are gentle, easy, and most times completely pain free. Don’t let fear prevent you from seeking treatment. It is better to address problems and defects before the worsen so that the doctor can correct and treat them easily and quickly.

Fillings and Crowns

For example, if you have a cracked or chipped tooth you may think you just have to suffer or go through an extensive reconstruction procedure. Today your dentist has many choices to repair your tooth and give you back your smile. She may choose to place a crown on the tooth or use a tooth colored fillings to repair and restore your cracked or chipped tooth. Today’s crowns and fillings are now tooth colored and look completely natural. Both of these choices not only beautify and repair the tooth, but help strengthen it, too. Composite fillings are made of ceramic materials and can be matched to your tooth’s natural color. Ceramic crowns are also a good choice cosmetically and once placed, look completely natural.

Root Canals

While the words “root canal” may cause anxiety, a root canal is actually a very simple procedure used by your doctor to save your tooth. Your tooth may have damage caused injury, decay, or a cavity. Instead of having the tooth pulled, the doctor will remove the damaged and infected inner pulp of the tooth and then fill it with a composite filling. This repairs and strengthens the tooth and saves your smile. Once your tooth is repaired you can go back to eating and drinking your favorite foods without pain and discomfort.

Regular Dental Check Ups

Besides good oral hygiene practices at home, regular dental checkups are your best defense against problems. At regular checkups your doctor can monitor and check the health of your teeth, gums, and jaw. If any problems are spotted they can be treated early and easily. Regular dental cleanings are also an effective and important preventive measure. By removing the plaque and tartar which naturally builds up, you are less likely to develop cavities and tooth decay. Your technician will also be able to spot any potential problems and help you seek treatment.

Today’s dental practices give your dentist and you an extra hedge of protection to help spot and treat problems before they become costly and painful. Don’t delay in seeking treatment, or put off your regular dental checkups and cleanings. Your doctor has several treatment options to help you retain and restore your smile quickly and easily.

Call or contact our office today and set up your next checkup. If you’re experiencing any pain or discomfort, don’t put off coming in to see us. We’re here to help you have the best possible oral health and we care about our patients. We look forward to hearing from you soon!