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Should You Replace Metal Dental Fillings with Composites?

There isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ answer when it comes to the matter of replacing metal tooth fillings. It’s not surprising that many people wonder whether they should take this step, considering that the composite alternatives are more expensive. You should also bear in mind your insurance, as the replacement may not be covered by the policy.
The most important thing to consider when you decide whether to make a replacement or not is the reason for the dentist’s recommendation.

Metal Tooth Filling Replacement Due to Decay

If your metal fillings developed some defects and show any sign of decay, replacing them is a necessity. Ignoring this problem will not only cause irreparable damage to the tooth. It may also lead to toxic poisoning, depending on the metal used in the filling.
When left untreated, decay may progress into inflammation that will damage your gums and may even get to the jawbone. These issues will require complex and expensive treatments. Therefore, in this case, the cost of replacing your metal fillings is justified.

Metal Tooth Filling Replacement Due to Cosmetic Reasons

There is no arguing the fact that metal fillings never look natural, and they can cause discoloration of the tooth, which cannot be treated with whitening. However, any invasive dental procedure carries certain risks.
While safe and effective tooth filling replacement is possible, the dentist must perform a thorough assessment before the procedure. This way, they will be able to ascertain that the treatment won’t have any negative long-term effects on the health of your teeth.

Should You Be Afraid of Dental Amalgam?

Some people seek to replace their metal fillings due to their concerns over toxic poisoning from the dental amalgam. However, current research indicates that these fears are unfounded. Amalgam is a stable alloy that includes a variety of metals and is considered safe by the American Dental Association.
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