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Teeth Sensitivity

Young Woman Holding the Side of Her Face in Pain --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

Many people complain about teeth sensitivity, or discomfort experienced on eating/drinking something hot or cold. This sensitivity can either be localized (restricted to a single tooth, or region), or generalized (experienced in all teeth in the oral cavity), and there are a number of factors that can cause this condition – all of which, can fortunately be treated.
Some of the most common factors that can lead to teeth sensitivity include:
– Caries, or tooth decay
– Gum recession and root exposure
– Periodontal diseases
– Worn or damaged tooth enamel
– Tooth wear (abrasion, attrition or erosion)
– Tooth fractures
Enamel is the first and topmost layer of the tooth; it is highly mineralized and protects the underlying dentine, the second layer of the tooth which is less mineralized and contains microscopic dental tubules. These tubules contain fluid which is highly sensitive to hot and cold stimuli, which is why when dentin loses its protective shield (enamel), the tooth becomes highly sensitive.
Depending upon the nature, cause and degree of sensitivity, a number of different treatment options can be used to relieve patients of their discomfort. Fillings, fluoride therapies, root canals, desensitizing mouthwashes/toothpastes/gels, direct dental bonding, crowns and gingiva grafts are all highly effective in reducing or eliminating teeth sensitivity. Patients are also advised to maintain a proper oral hygiene routine comprising of brushing, flossing and rinsing, on daily basis to prevent development of caries. Visiting the dental clinic for routine checkups can also help patients acquire treatment in a timely manner before the problem and the discomfort associated with it become severe.
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