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Teeth Whitening: Pros and Cons to Consider Before Calling a Dentist

Many people are greatly interested in teeth whitening, because this cosmetic dental procedure can transform your smile with a seeming ease. However, few understand the complexities and risks of the process. In order to make an educated decision on whether this treatment is for you, you need to know all teeth whitening pros and cons.

Teeth Whitening Pros: Beautiful Smile

White teeth are considered one of the beauty staples nowadays, so the biggest benefit of this procedure is that it enhances your appearance. This simple change can do wonders to your confidence, and make a change in your personal life.
Surveys indicate that 96% of people find beautiful smiles appealing, and about 74% of adults seem to believe that unattractive teeth reduce one’s chances of employment success.
You should also consider the fact that white teeth make a person look younger. This further enhances the beauty-boosting effect of this cosmetic dental treatment.

Teeth Whitening Cons: Gum Irritation and Sensitivity

As a dental procedure, teeth whitening carries extremely small risks. However, it may have several unpleasant, but temporary side effects. They are usually caused by the dentist’s mistakes and poor quality equipment, and can be easily prevented in a professional environment.
The most common issues are gum irritation and teeth sensitivity. The former is mostly caused by ill-fitting trays. It’s impossible to avoid both teeth and tissue sensitivity and irritation completely, because whitening relies on different types of bleaching agents. If the dentist isn’t careful during application, or when the solution is chosen poorly, these substances can cause burns.
A properly conducted whitening treatment should cause only minor irritation that will disappear on its own within 2-3 days.
Please note that some types of tooth discolorations cannot be treated with traditional whitening. For example, peroxide-based solutions are ineffective for veneers and crowns.

Should You Go for Teeth Whitening?

Considering the benefits of teeth whitening for both your confidence and appearance, you definitely should consider trying this procedure. At Dr. Taylor’s office, we’ll provide you with a personalized whitening plan to fit your personal needs and budget.