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22481905_sOften the difference between a good smile and a great smile is the whiteness of the teeth! When done properly, whitening is safe and effective. In addition, it is a simple process and inexpensive. Dr. Taylor is eager to help you get the effect you want in the safest manner–without tooth sensitivity and gum irritation.

All dental whitening involves the application of a whitening agent to the teeth. The whitening products vary in strength and vary in method of application. If the whitening agent is too strong, or if it is applied excessively, temporary sensitivity can result. Teeth with defective fillings or cavities must be treated before whitening.

It is controversial whether the use of laser or of any light (commonly used with in-office treatments) has any effect on the speed of whitening. The ADA has not seen published peer-reviewed data on the effectiveness of laser whitening.

One of the most common whitening agents is carbamide peroxide. The American Dental Association has given its Seal of Acceptance to the 10% solution of this whitening agent. It is designed to be worn in the mouth for several hours per application. Usually, the whitening effect is apparent after one application, and it intensifies with subsequent application. This whitening agent also can be purchased in stronger concentrations, which are designed to be worn shorter periods of time. Whitening “gradually “is preferred, because it offers the ability to evaluate and adjust for sensitivity–before it has happened.

For many patients, custom-fitting trays offer the best combination of comfort, safety and affordability for whitening–giving you the convenience of application at home, choice of strength and control of application time (to prevent sensitivity).