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Insurance too complicated?

  The office of Dr. Jeanne Taylor office has two insurance specialists that are well-versed in answering your insurance questions. We can also pre-file a planned treatment with your insurance company to find out how much the insurance company will be paying. Call Dr. Jeanne Taylor’s office for more information. 512-343-2425

“Do you need to take prophylactic antibiotics before cleanings and invasive dental procedures?” Asks Dr. Jeanne Taylor

Do you need to take prophylactic antibiotics before cleanings and invasive dental procedures?  Dr. Jeanne Taylor  explains that the guidelines  from the American Heart Association  and the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons  have recently changed.   These changes were made because (1) sometimes the risk of taking prophylactic antibiotics is greater than the benefit, (2) sometimes [Read more …]

Regular Teeth Cleanings Could Cut Heart Attack Risk

By Mary Elizabeth Dallas, HealthDay People who visit the dentist regularly to have their teeth cleaned may lower their risk for heart attack or stroke, new research suggests. The researchers found that fewer teeth and a higher number of infections around the base of teeth increase a person’s risk for congestive heart failure or heart attack. [Read more …]

If Your Teeth Could Talk … The Mouth Offers Clues to Disorders and Disease; Jeanne Taylor, DDS, states: Dentists Could Play Larger Role in Patient Care

The eyes may be the window to the soul, but the mouth provides an even better view of the body as a whole. Some of the earliest signs of diabetes, cancer, pregnancy, immune disorders, hormone imbalances and drug issues show up in the gums, teeth and tongue—sometimes long before a patient knows anything is wrong. [Read more …]