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Tips to Prevent Hard Calculus on Your Teeth

Hard calculus, or tartar, is a mineral deposit build up on the teeth. Even if you take care of your teeth and follow good hygiene habits you may develop hard calculus. This is because the bacteria in your mouth mixes with food byproducts and proteins to form a sticky film called plaque. This sticky film [Read more …]

How to Floss Your Teeth Properly

Flossing your teeth properly is one of the best ways to prevent cavities and tooth decay. Flossing removes plaque and food particles under the gums and around the teeth which brushing just can’t reach. Regular flossing also helps prevent gum disease and contributes to your overall health. Studies have shown a direct link to oral [Read more …]

Sealants: A Preventive Measure Worth Considering

Most parents tend to think that the development of cavities or caries in the oral cavities of young children is inevitable – but with the help of a small, non-invasive and painless dental intervention, tooth decay can easily be prevented even in the primary dentition. Dentists encourage parents to bring their children in for routinely [Read more …]

Laser Dentistry

It is common knowledge that different types of lasers are being used nowadays in the field of medicine and surgery to cure various conditions. In contrast to conventional procedures, laser treatments have shown better results in terms of rapid healing, hemostasis, safety, precision and time management. Laser aided treatments are also less invasive and therefore [Read more …]

Teeth Sensitivity

Many people complain about teeth sensitivity, or discomfort experienced on eating/drinking something hot or cold. This sensitivity can either be localized (restricted to a single tooth, or region), or generalized (experienced in all teeth in the oral cavity), and there are a number of factors that can cause this condition – all of which, can [Read more …]